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Adopting Kitty
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Adopting Kitty
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Naming Kitty
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All the pictures on this page were taken by the bike's first owner, James Wolford, in front of his home in Joliet, IL.  My decision to adopt was made entirely from the pictures displayed here and my conversations with Mr. Wolford over the previous few days.  After seeing the pictures and listening to my gut, money was expressed to the bank and a week later, the trip to bring her home was underway.

For a more detailed look at how this came about and my thoughts on how a bike is named, follow this link to learn about Kitty.

Kitty 98SE-001_1_s.JPG (65692 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-002_2_s.JPG (47021 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-003_3_s.jpg (55387 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-005_5_s.jpg (45781 bytes)

Kitty 98SE-005_5_s.jpg (87983 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-006_6_s.jpg (52674 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-007_7_s.jpg (49170 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-008_8_s.jpg (104729 bytes)

Kitty 98SE-009_9_s.jpg (47981 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-010_10_s.jpg (48444 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-011_11_s.jpg (48724 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-012_12_s.jpg (47053 bytes)

Kitty 98SE-013_13_s.jpg (47221 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-014_14_s.jpg (51720 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-015_15_s.jpg (46542 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-016_16_s.jpg (52052 bytes)

Kitty 98SE-017_17_s.jpg (45295 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-018_18_s.jpg (57905 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-019_19_s.jpg (45672 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-020_20_s.jpg (45442 bytes)

Kitty 98SE-021_21_s.jpg (47254 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-022_22_s.jpg (48262 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-023_23_s.jpg (51141 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-024_24_s.jpg (42921 bytes)

Kitty 98SE-025_25_s.jpg (43289 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-026_26_s.jpg (45756 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-027_27_s.jpg (45003 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-028_28_s.jpg (43739 bytes)

Kitty 98SE-029_29_s.jpg (42329 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-030_30_s.jpg (46147 bytes)   Kitty 98SE-031_31_s.jpg (49397 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-033_33_s.jpg (68553 bytes)

Kitty 98SE-034_34_s.jpg (62009 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-035_35_s.jpg (62891 bytes)    Kitty 98SE-036_36_s.jpg (57388 bytes)

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