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Adopting a 1998 Honda GoldWing-SE


Kitty Today - Pictures of Change


!980 CB-750K - From Where We Came Last 

With the advent of the web and digital cameras, creating digital images has become simple and easy.  In the galleries attached to this page are images of my last two motorcycles in various stages of evolution.

My current ride, "Kitty", is a 1998 Honda GoldWing-SE.  She has been the most comfortable and enjoyable motorcycle I have ridden, and I've been riding on and off for the last 36 years. 

So far, only pictures of my last two bikes are on these pages.  As pictures of previous bikes surface and get scanned, they'll be posted on their own pages.

Most of the pictures I have of my motorcycles are posted here.  However, there is also another web site I maintain, BA-MARC, that has pictures and technical details on how various electronic and other equipment can be installed.  

Adopting a 1998 Honda GoldWing-SE (Look what I brought home, can I keep it?)

My purchase of this bike was unusually relaxed and unprotected.  In most cases when I buy something, I spend a lot of time doing research and comparisons until I understand where to find the best opportunity.  This wasn't the case for Kitty's adoption and a short story about her naming and adoption is available in Kitty's Story.

Pictures of Kitty taken at her first owners home in Joliet, IL are on this Page.

To learn more about the details of the adoption and my views on naming a bike, Press Here.

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Kitty Today

Almost without exception, motorcycles reflect the interest and to some extent the personalities of their riders.  In Kitty's case that is certainly been true and obvious from her pictures today.  While my mount's current snapshots clearly show my interest in amateur radio and long distance riding, they also show that much of her appearance hasn't change much since she moved in. 

Current pictures of Kitty are on this Page.

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1980 CB750-K

This bike joined joined us when I found her abandoned in a towing garage in San Jose, CA.  She sat silently staring with her headlight into a security monitor looking terribly depressed.  She was also trapped by of a collection of evil-minded vehicles that had corralled her.  You see, she became vulnerable after she had been abandoned by her abusive owner, and again by her would-be owner when they let her sit unclaimed after auction.  Soon, her rent again exceeded any reasonable valuation and it was looking like parts prostitution might be her only salvation.

Her bright chrome fenders and retro-styling reminded me of my previous bike, a 1971 Triumph Bonneville.  It wasn't too long afterward she made her way here unceremoniously dangling from the hook of a distressed wrecker.  Her rehabilitation consumed far too much time and money, but she was a grateful lady who shared all she had as we bounced and romped in the canyons, hills and slabs of the western states.

To see how she looked up to the time she married off and left home, click here.

After rehab., she was given a run on a dynometer and her ability to put-out can be seen here.

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