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CB750K Service List
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1980 CB-750K  - Repairs and Upgrades:

Here is a list of all the major items replaced or repaired on the motorcycle.  This work was done with the intention of keeping the bike for a long time.  Which means, I was intending to only do things that made long term sense.  To a large extent, original Honda items were used.  I wanted original Honda items like the exhaust, because they would be necessary to have should I decide to follow a strict restoration plan later.  In any event, way too much money was spent in hind sight, but it made a lot of emotional sense at the time and has paid off in giving me fun bike that can be depended upon.

1.      New custom Corbin  seat about three years ago - $356

2.       New stator for the alternator about three years ago - $250

3.       New factory exhaust from Honda (4-into-4) about 18 months ago - $800

4.     New fuel tank about a year ago - $450

5.       New TSUBAKI O-ring chain, new sprocket and front gear about 4K miles ago - $175

6.       New Michelin Macadam 50 tires and new tubes about 3K miles ago - $250

7.         New over sized polished stainless steel spokes  - $325

8.         New left side cover about two years ago - $75

9.         New Barnett clutch, plates and springs about 3K miles ago - $225

10.     New heavy duty Progressive Springs in Front forks about two years ago - $75

11.     New heavy duty Progressive rear springs and shocks about two years ago - $150

12.     New battery about 18 months ago - $50

13.     New replacement Windjammer windshield replaced last year - $75

14.     Tune-Up with 5K valve adjustment check, synchronize carbs -  April 6th, 2000 - $325.




There are many spare parts that will accompany the bike when it is sold.  Some of the spares are:

  1.         Front and rear wire wheels with tires mounted.

  2.         Two front forks with original springs.

  3.         Two spare gas tanks.  The original tank and a spare tank.

  4.         Many brake and wiring harness parts.

  5.         Complete floor board setup with heel-toe shifter.

  6.         Foot pegs for the passenger area.

  7.         New fuel tank petcock.

  8.         Extra set of New front fork seals

  9.         Extra set of New Barnett clutch springs.

  10.         Lower Vetter fairing extensions.

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